Dreamchain AB

where software dreams come true

Dreamchain AB specializes in Web Application Development. We are developing for the JVM platform in Java and Groovy. In the web layer, we deliver advanced features using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

At Dreamchain we believe that high quality software is worth many times more than software of average quality. By high quality software we mean software that is easy to understand, modify and extend.

So, how do we develop high quality software?

We have probably all experienced software projects that are moving at a good speed in the beginning, but where progress slows down considerably after only a couple of months. We are trying hard to avoid that. As a customer you will gain from our way of working - furthermore, at Dreamchain we are having more fun when we are developing high quality software, so it's really a win-win situation.

Contact us at info@dreamchain.se if you are interested in higher quality code without having to pay more.

We are located in Hjärup outside of Lund, but we are used to working with clients and developers remotely - for example in the United States and India.